A few of our features...

Simplified Solutions

Why spend your time rifling through paperwork to track the status of deliveries, monitor damage or find a delivery signature? Drivers conveniently enter data on the mobile app and data can be viewed immediately within a web browser. Drivers can upload photos, obtain signatures and monitor locations on their mobile phones while the home office has complete visibility of company operations. Save time and money when equipping your drivers with VehicHaul’s easy to use ePOD mobile app and cloud based TMS.

Integrated Technology

Technology is essential when working with multiple drivers and vendors and VehicHaul is the perfect solution to increase visibility. With Vehichaul our technology will help you scale your operations without having to dramatically increase your office staff. We help make your existing staff be more efficient with automation and the ability to see all of your operations easily. VehicHaul can integrate with ANY of your trading partners, as well as Quickbooks for a one-stop-shop solution.

Tracking Unlimited VINs

Whereas most vehicle delivery software and mobile apps charge based on VINs, VehicHaul does NOT. We think that your money should be spent on a system that improves visibility without limiting your business operations. Track and observe the progress of an UNLIMITED number of VINs without incurring additional charges or fees. No hidden fees or up charges, just a great product at a reasonable price!

Are you ready to go mobile with VehicHaul?

We understand how your business works. We know the challenges of the paperwork trail. We want to simplify your daily operations. We can make it happen. The real question should be "Why NOT VehicHaul?".

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