Why Cloud Technology is Right for your Business

May 27, 2015

Data matters and hows your company manages data can significantly impact the bottom line. The transportation and logistics market depends heavily on mobile tracking and delivery data, which is why cloud technology has experienced explosive growth.

Cloud technology reduces or eliminates the need for expensive servers and personal devices to manage applications, tracking software and delivery data. The Internet-based computing stores documents, data, images and databases securely online so information can be accessed remotely and quickly.

Long gone are the days of production halts when servers are down or mismanaged files are damaged due to hard drive crashes. Cloud technology keeps your vital data within reach without overloading your expense account and your IT professionals.

Businesses continue to adopt cloud technology, especially in the logistics and transportation industry because mobile is the future. Cloud technology is convenient and simplifies tasks for remote employees. Dispatchers can quickly transmit information to a driver’s mobile device, managers can track routes while out of the office and data can be accessed at any time without the risk of malfunctioning servers.

Vehicle carriers and shippers can benefit from the convenience and simplicity of cloud technology, especially when coupled with innovative technology such as VehicHaul. The customizable app utilizes cloud technology so drivers can enter data while on routes, upload photos, obtain signatures and monitor locations. VehicHaul integrates with existing transportation management systems to keep business operations visible, simple and streamlined.

See how cloud technology, combined with the simplicity of the VehicHaul App can significantly impact the logistics and transportation industry, one company at a time, one mile after mile. Are you ready to go mobile with VehicHaul? Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit VehicHaul.com.

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