How ePOD Technology Can Make You the Vehicle Carrier of Choice

December 15, 2015

A key element of growing your vehicle carrier business is becoming a shipper of choice. Clients thrive on working with companies who can simplify deliveries, offer customized solutions and develop a partnership based on collaboration.

In order to build your business, incorporating innovative technology is essential. In comes ePOD technology. More and more vehicle manufacturers not only prefer but also require vehicle carriers utilize electronic proof of delivery. The practice is more environmentally friendly but also efficient.

Maximize your profits and your client base with ePOD mobile technology, such as the VehicHaul app. VehicHaul integrates electronic signatures, photos of damaged vehicles and client preferences with existing tracking software. The transition into the new wave of technology not only simplifies your business processes and eliminates the paperwork overflow, it also allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your clients.

Pre-plan load volume and frequency, create customized delivery schedules and communicate with clients regarding vehicle damage, delivery times and changes or cancellations quickly when using an ePOD solution such as VehicHaul.

You will inevitably become the shipper of choice when you offer your drivers mobile technology that simplifies their processes and allows them to quickly service clients in a professional manner.

With the VehicHaul mobile app, you can monitor locations, enter data to communicate with drivers and clients and enhance communication while on the go.

Are you ready to become the shipper of choice? Find out more about a vehicle ePOD solution. Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit

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