ePOD is Not the Future. It is the Now.

October 07, 2015

To be a leader in the vehicle hauling industry, it is important to incorporate solutions that increase productivity, enable accurate tracking and simplify the processes and procedures that can cost you money in the long run. The idea of electronic proof of delivery is not just an idea anymore – it is a reality – and a necessity for wholesale deliveries.

You don’t have to jump on the bandwagon if you don’t want to, but your business may suffer if your technology is not in place to record damages, upload photos, track deliveries and communicate with vendors and clients. In fact, you may find that adopting cloud technology may even improve your drivers’ abilities to record problems, improve response times and effectively handle complaints regarding damaged goods.

The Benefits of ePOD:

Why Should You Choose VehicHaul?

Why shouldn’t you choose VehicHaul is the real question. Our mobile app helps improve efficiency of your business, reduces errors because data is stored in the cloud and allows you to focus more on your customers versus piles of paperwork.

Lets face it. ePOD is not something you can avoid. It is not going away. It is not in the future. It is now. VehicHaul can help make the future your present-day reality.

Mile after mile, VehicHaul can optimize your logistics network without charging per VIN. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to enhance your vehicle carrier business with an ePOD solution? Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit VehicHaul.com.

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