Enhancing Communications to Optimize Your Logistics Network

August 05, 2015

As a vehicle hauler, you know that communication is key. Within a logistics network, you need to ensure the communication between carriers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and hubs is not hindered to avoid inaccuracies that affect transportation routes and service operations.

Optimizing your logistics network may seem like a costly and complex venture. Vehicle carriers must evaluate new technologies, seek out solutions that communicate with current technology or decide to overhaul an entire system.

Simply put, enhancing communication to optimize your logistics network does not have to be a headache. In fact, cloud-based technology, such as the VehicHaul mobile app, can simplify every aspect of your business operations while integrating with existing tracking and transportation systems.

At VehicHaul, we know that many businesses are hesitant to jump into the latest innovation, especially when your vendors and carriers are used to an existing system. But, with the need for vehicle epod, it is a necessary step to maintain relationships with manufacturers and succeed as a vehicle carrier.

Take your time and first create goals for success with your team when selecting communication methods to optimize your logistics network. Recognize that every aspect of your vehicle carrier business is intertwined and connected to the service operations, vendors, manufacturers and freight forwarders. Review how your company reviews data and compare how mobile apps such as VehicHaul can simplify and enhance communication methods.

Most importantly, think about your future needs. ePod solutions are not just a fad or phase. ePods are a necessary part of your business. With the VehicHaul mobile app, vehicle carriers can upload photos, obtain signatures, monitor locations and enter data while on route to enhance communication.

Mile after mile, VehicHaul can optimize your logistics network without charging per VIN. Are you ready to enhance your communication network with a vehicle ePod solution? Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit VehicHaul.com.

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