5 Steps to a Succesful Vehicle Carrier Business

July 01, 2015

A vehicle-carrier business is only successful with the right tools and steps to stay ahead of the competition. Although the business can be very profitable, it takes preparation, innovative ideas and mobile technology to stay on top as the premium carrier.

Ensure your business is prepared to succeed with these five steps designed to keep you trucking along.

  1. Focus on Equipment: Having the right equipment can make or break your bottom line. Make sure that your drivers are given the resources they need so each and every delivery is smooth. Beyond the latest and greatest trucking equipment, integrate innovative technology into your equipment budget and supply drivers with mobile devices to increase communication. The VehicHaul app is a must-have for drivers to take photos of damage, sign off on deliveries and comply with epod standards.
  2. Increase Your Customer Base: Establish relationships with local and national vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Expand your network by reaching out to both small and large businesses who need vehicle carrier services. Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket and strive for a large customer base to keep profits steady.
  3. Don’t Shy Away From Bids: No one likes the paperwork trail, but bidding on contracts is a necessary task in the vehicle carrier industry. Seek out opportunities and prepare templates to speed up the bid process. Know your expenses, too. It doesn’t always make business sense to bid low when the overall bid price won’t cover the cost of equipment, payroll and travel expenses.
  4. Manage the Back Office: Even though it may appear that you are making money when vehicles are on the road, without efficient processes in the back office, productivity and profitability could plummet. Incorporate technology to track deliveries, communicate with drivers and sign off on deliveries. The VehicHaul app is the perfect epod solution for vehicle carriers seeking to integrate mobile technology into an existing tracking system.
  5. Secure Cash Flow: Especially for new vehicle-carrier businesses, cash flow problems often occur at the worst possible times. Seek financing options to cover expenses until payments start rolling in so you are prepared during those slow months.

Passion, drive and commitment are key elements of successful business ownership. Flexibility and a willingness to embrace technology to simplify processes also goes a long way. Simplify, integrate and track quickly and efficiently with the VehicHaul mobile solution. Interested in eliminating the paperwork that takes you away from the road? Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit VehicHaul.com.

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