Five Reasons Why ePOD is Right for Your Business

November 03, 2015

Electronic proof of delivery is not just an innovative way of the future; it is a necessary means to improve your business processes. Whether you specialize in vehicle deliveries or transportation of products and goods, the benefits of ePOD mobile technology are clear.

  1. Reduces Clerical Errors: We all know that mounds of paperwork is a hassle. Eliminate the need for manual data entry, filing and paper-based signatures when using ePOD technology, such as the VehicHaul mobile app. Reduce the amount of errors that occur with manual data entry and rely on advanced technology that stores electronic signatures, delivery routes and photos of damaged vehicles and goods.
  2. Improves Customer Service: Your clients want and need simplified solutions. Deliver vehicles and goods with ease and speed up business processes with ePOD technology. Mobile technology allows you to input and store customer preferences for deliveries, update clients on a delivery status and report damages before the goods arrive at their door.
  3. Saves Time: As a business owner, your time and the time of your employees is valuable. With ePOD technology, drivers can update order details, manage returns and print invoices on site. Electronic technology improves communication and speeds up the process of deliveries so you can stay focused on growing your business.
  4. Enhances Environmental Efforts: Go Green without completely transforming your business processes. ePOD technology reduces paper usage, modernizes route planning and offers a more efficient model for your deliveries.
  5. Simplifies Business Records: An ePOD solution puts crucial data at your fingertips when on the go. Mobile technology solutions such as the VehicHaul app integrates simply with existing tracking software and allows you to monitor deliveries, driver routes and customer preferences from your mobile device or home office.

Incorporating ePOD technology into your daily business operations is not just an option, it is a necessary step to build client relations and simplify your processes. ePOD is not the future; it is the now.

See how VehicHaul can put your business into the digital and mobile age. Mile after mile, VehicHaul can optimize your logistics network without charging per VIN. Are you ready to take the necessary steps to enhance your vehicle carrier business with an ePOD solution? Contact us at 1-844-846-7447 or visit

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